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Everyone needs a buddy. Someone to remind you that “you’ve got this” and everything is going to work itself out. Assistance dogs are an excellent support to anyone on the autism spectrum, with sensory challenges and/or anxiety. Having a buddy in a support dog can help initiate coping techniques to address deficits in social interactions and sensory overload, or any variety of stresses. Our goal at Pawtism BuddiesSM is to provide top-notch assistance dogs to families affected by autism, anxiety and/or sensory challenges by focusing on various needs of the children.

We are different because we focus on the child’s needs. Our simultaneous training for both child and dog results in a lifetime partnership. Our trainers are specialized in special education, and intimately involved with the needs of kids with autism. We train the child as well as the dog, teaching appropriate tone, reason for commands and how to interact. Our goal is to create a strong bond between child and dog beginning at puppyhood. Our partnership with Farmstead 51 allows us to choose the best of the best Goldendoodles and find the right fit for our families. Farmstead 51 raises Goldendoodles right here in Kansas City and their first ingredient is love. Choosing the right puppy for your family starts well before we've met as Farmstead 51 has chosen parent dogs with the best genetics, sound temperaments, and raised in a loving environment. Farmstead 51 begins training our puppies the day they are born and continues for the first 8 weeks of their lives. During this essential development period, puppies are exposed to early neurological stimulation, socialization and enrichment experiences resulting in better health, trainability and performance. They are simply the best of the best!

We work with families to develop an IEPP (Individualized Education Puppy ProgramSM) – similar to a student’s IEP, but tailored to the puppy and child. Through our philosophy-neutral training, our educators get to know the child’s needs and addresses with training of the assistance animal. Solutions to handling school hurdles are developed on an individual basis. Our trainers offer in-home support before their dog comes home and throughout the process. Rather than delivering unknown dogs to a family already trained, a stronger bond can be formed with the family as a puppy grows with the child and our trainers can implement the best interventions to create a successful support system.

While our program costs much less than traditional service animals, that doesn’t mean it is less service. Our training process more efficiently pairs family and dog, while educating everyone involved on the uniqueness of their situation.

Every child, every situation and every dog is different.  At Pawtism BuddiesSM, we will work with you to create a lasting partnership that provides an extra layer of support and success for your child.

For more information, contact Amy Wilkinson at or 913-579-6119.



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The importance of the kind of education CHASE provides cannot be understated. No where else in school or in life do typical children, teachers & parents learn to respect, understand, and interact with children on the autism spectrum. Period.

Erika Sheets, Parent of an ASD child